Terms of Use

Terms of Use



Clients will need to create a free Changeroo.ca online account and read the store’s Quality Standards. Clothing may be dropped off (in a box or bag LABELLED with name and address) at 97 Harwood Gate in Beaconsfield and placed in the drop-off box located by the front door.

Clothing received that does not contain the customer’s name or have a return address on the bag will be processed without payment, since there is no way to identify from whom it came.

Free clothing pickups are offered in the West Island of Montreal. Simply email contact@changeroo.ca and you will receive a reply confirming the day and approximate time of the pickup.

Please allow approximately one week for payments to be issued. Payments will be made via eTransfer.

Changeroo does not negotiate the clothing that is rejected, the credits attributed or selling price of an item. Clothing that is sent to Changeroo then belongs to Changeroo. Clothing that does not adhere to the Quality Standards is given to charity.


Changeroo.ca strives to assure the quality of the items it sells. Each item is checked thoroughly upon receipt but sometimes, a flaw manages to escape detection until just before it is shipped. If this happens, you will receive an email, your payment for that item will be refunded and you will receive the article for FREE.

Return policy

Purchases may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. The item(s) must be in the same condition as they were received. The shipping cost to return an item is assumed by the customer.

Shipping policy

All shipments are made via Canada-Post. Shipping rates are calculated directly by Canada Post based on weight, dimensions and destination postal code. Changeroo.ca is not responsible for any delay or loss of shipments.

Store credit policy

Payouts are attributed to customer account in exchange for clothing submissions that we accept and are deemed to be resellable on Changeroo.ca. All items respecting our quality standards will be accepted and payed for via eTransfer. Payouts are attributed following a formula calculated as a percentage of the reselling price. Clothing is resold at 75% off the new value. The customer receives 30% of the estimated resale value and is paid via eTransfer. The reselling price may vary depending on the condition of the product.


Quality Standards

*Please read our Quality Standards. The list may be modified periodically.

Items received that we do not accept will be donated to charity.


Price policy

The reselling price is established based on the original price of the item, and then sold at 75% off. Since most of the items we receive are no longer sold in stores, we reference similar items of the same brands to base our prices on.